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Awesome SEO Tool for Finding Google+ Local Business Category Ideas

Google Local Page Category Tool

The new Google My Business Dashboard has removed the ability for adding custom categories. In order to find ideas for your business categories, you have to manually type in business-relevant keywords in order to select the best category.   Entering business categories is an important step in creating your local business listing.

Google uses category info when deciding which businesses to display for particular searches. It will not display a business that is uncategorized or miscategorized for particular sets of keywords. This usually happens among keywords and phrases that are very competitive, especially location-based key phrases, where there are already a number of businesses associated with a particular category that might satisfy what the searcher is looking for. Organic search results with the Google Local 7-pack is a prime example of this.

Google Local Search Results - 7pack
Google Local 7-pack Search Results

You also have the option to enter multiple categories. Having multiple categories for your business listing helps Google find the best matches for your company's industry type. Your company's Google Plus Local listings will be returned more in Google searches for several category-matched keywords.

Google My Business Category Selection Form
Google My Business Category Selection Form

If you are having a hard time finding ideas for the right business categories for your Google Plus Local Page listing, I found the right tool for your problem.'s Google Places for Business Category Tool is a simple Google Places Category Tool to provide you assistance in finding and selecting the best categories that would match your business for your Google Plus Local Page listing.

Google Places for Business Category Tool
Google Places for Business Category Tool

Here are the easy steps for gathering the suggested categories:

1. Using your favorite browser, go to

2. Enter your main product or service then click on the "Search" button.

Product or Service Entry Form

 3. Take note of the category results. Select the best matches for your business type.

Category Search Results

4. Enter related names / synonyms for your products or service then click on the "Search" button again.

Category Search Results 2nd Run

Categories count in Google Plus Local Business listings. Think of the keywords a searcher would use in order to find your business listing.  Having the right list of categories is important for a Google Plus Local Business listing. The categories in which you place your business in for the Google+ Local Business Listing are critical to being found for the types of terms people typically use when searching in Google for your kind of business.

 Try out this tool and enter your reviews/feedback in the comments section below.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014 Website Review SEO Tool


WooRank is a good SEO tool for bloggers, webmasters, and especially SEO professionals. It automates an SEO Site Audit process and generates an SEO score for a site's current search engine optimization.

WooRank Website Review
Woorank Website Review

Think of this tool as a Site Audit Checklist that is executed automatically.  You can generate custom reports and can even replace the report's logo.  Quite handy if you are an SEO Specialist who frequently submits monthly or weekly SEO Status Reports to your clients.  There is even a function for Google Analytics integration and a keyword rankings list for Google.

Here are the factors that WooRank reviews:

Onpage SEO

  •     Google PageRank
  •     Title
  •     Description
  •     Headings
  •     Keywords Consistency
  •     Images
  •     Indexed Pages
  •     Internal Pages
  •     Broken Links
  •     More..

  • Mobile Rendering
  • Mobile Load Time
  • Mobile Optimization

  • URL
  • Favicon
  • Custom 404
  • Conversion Forms
  • Page Size
  • Load Time
  • Language
  • Printability
  • Microformats
  • Dublin Core
  • More..
  • Server Uptime
  • Server IP
  • Technologies
  • Speed Tips
  • Analytics
  • More..


  • Backlinks COunter
  • Backlinks with Juice
  • Social Shareability
  • Facebook Views
  • Facebook Page
  • Google Ranking (Keywords Tracking)


  • Traffic Estimations
  • Traffic Rank

You can also compare the level of optimization of your top three keyword competitors.  It generates a quick overview of how your competitors' websites compare with your site's current SEO.

WooRank Website Review - Competitor Setup
Woorank Website Review - Competitor Setup

Here are Wooranks's monthly subscription fees:

WooRank Subscription Plans

Pro Plan (49 USD as of July 27, 2014)

A WooRank Pro plan includes unlimited “classic” website reviews on an unlimited number of websites, plus one Advanced Review. You can turn one site at a time into an Advanced Review; this offers further monitoring features like SERP, server uptime, a Marketing Plan and Google Analytics sync. If you're working on one site's optimization at a time, you can simply delete the Advanced Review when you're done and start a new one. With this plan, you’ll have the possibility to download two White Label PDFs per month. 

Premium Plan (149 USD as of July 27, 2014)

A Premium plan includes unlimited “classic” website reviews on any URLs and five Advanced Reviews simultaneously. You also get the ability to download all of these reviews in PDF format, with the option of White Labeling the PDF with your company's logo and colors. The Premium plan includes five Advanced Reviews with larger plan options available. 

Here's a video of a WooRank Demonstration:

Try it now, enter your website URL below:

WooRank SEO software