Saturday, September 25, 2010

SEO Tool: Submit Express Meta Tag Analyzer

For a quick analysis of websites, I always use Submit Express' Meta Tags Analyzer for checking a web page's optimization. The site analysis is fast and a detailed report of a URL is generated. It even displays warnings on sections that need to be modified or optimized.

The Meta Tag Analyzer tool is free and one doesn't have to register on their website just to access this SEO tool.

Here are some screenshots of the Submit Express Meta Tag Analyzer tool:

SubmitExpress Screenshot 1

Screenshot of SubmitExpress 1

SubmitExpress Screenshot 2
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 2

SubmitExpress Screenshot 3
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 3

SubmitExpress Screenshot 4
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 4

Here is the URL of the Meta Tag Analyzer:

Check it out and give me your reviews of this online SEO tool.