Thursday, October 21, 2010

SEO Tool: Google Adwords: Keyword Tool

Keyword research is important for finding the best keywords for your websites. The aim is to attain a high rank for keywords that have a high volume of user search but low number of competitor pages.

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool
Google Adwords: Keyword Tool

Google has a tool for this and it is called the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. SEO Experts, online content writers, and affiliate marketers know the importance of Google's Keyword Tool. The Google Adwords: Keyword Tool contains the statistics of the behavior of users using the Google search engine. You can use this tool to analyze a keyword's global and local search volumes, the alternate or similar keywords, and search trend.

Online writers concentrate on using the high paying keywords for article writing. They know that using high paying keywords for article writing will generate more revenue per click through Google Adsense. This is similar with SEO Experts /SEO Specialists. This SEO tool helps them in finding the best target keywords for their clients.

A good keyword research results in better web traffic and more chances of generating sales for products and services thru Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of these keywords / key phrases.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

SEO Tool: Submit Express Meta Tag Analyzer

For a quick analysis of websites, I always use Submit Express' Meta Tags Analyzer for checking a web page's optimization. The site analysis is fast and a detailed report of a URL is generated. It even displays warnings on sections that need to be modified or optimized.

The Meta Tag Analyzer tool is free and one doesn't have to register on their website just to access this SEO tool.

Here are some screenshots of the Submit Express Meta Tag Analyzer tool:

SubmitExpress Screenshot 1

Screenshot of SubmitExpress 1

SubmitExpress Screenshot 2
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 2

SubmitExpress Screenshot 3
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 3

SubmitExpress Screenshot 4
Screenshot of SubmitExpress 4

Here is the URL of the Meta Tag Analyzer:

Check it out and give me your reviews of this online SEO tool.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SEO Tool: Traffic Travis SEO Software

I have been using Traffic Travis SEO software for less than two days and I am really impressed with its features. This software is free but it has a lot of functionality that you have pay for in commercial SEO products.

I currently use it for keyword research for my client's websites. It's search engine ranking results are not affected by Google's Personalized Search engine. I can select the country that I want to check the specific rankings of keywords and key phrases.

You can download from

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Best SEO Tool for Top Ten Google Rankings

"We guarantee that your website will get top 10 rankings on Google for keywords of your choice if you use IBP. You will get more customers and more sales."

Source: Internet Business Promoter

If you are looking for a complete Internet marketing software that generates a top ten ranking in Google, try the Internet Business Promoter (IBP).

Get Top 10 Google Ranking with IBP, here are the benefits:

* More online sales and customers
* Lower Google Adwords cost per click
* Top 10 rankings in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.)

IBP can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial. Afterwards you can upgrade to the Standard or Business edition. IBP will help you promote your online business and helps you get top 10 rankings in any search engine, therefore you get more customers and more sales.

I use IBP to check on my site's optimization. It automates the checking of website's pages including competitor pages.

IBP is a good and complete SEO Tool to drive your website to the top of Google's Search Engine Result pages.